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Digestive “pain” Solutions Demystified

16th August 2017 @ Tycio Wellbeing
16:45 – 18:45
To book call Zaina on 0777 437 2099
£14 per person – limited availability.

Naturally powerful solutions that relieve pain and urgency, to help you feel settled and confident by combating the pain and panic of IBS. Discover the underlying causes of most digestive problems and finally feel in control of your life. If you are ready for real change, the information towards digestive relief is demonstrated in this taster-demo.

Topics covered:
• The impact of emotions on digestion
• What is your gut really saying?
• How do you know if you’re really digesting?
• Decoding food sensitivities.
• Bringing balance back to all realms.
• How do you answer your body the way it’s ASKING you to?? Find out an be surprised.

Find the answers from your own body first hand. The body doesn’t lie!

See/ receive a demo of muscle testing to translate the meaning of symptoms and tap into the body’s wisdom. This Demo and taster is for you if you have some of these symptoms:

• Cravings
• Bloating
• Heartburn
• Gout
• Inflammation
• Mystery illnesses
• Tired all the Time
• Moodiness
• Lower Back Ache
• Shoulder issues
• Hip and knee aches and stiffness
• Skin problems
• lack of focus/ mental clarity
• Fitful Sleep

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