We are delighted to announce another exciting new initiative at Tycio! 

Tycio Beauty & Wellbeing has partnered up with Kylie’s Aesthetics (Kylie Hughes MPharm PGDip MSc IP), to deliver botulinum toxin (“Botox”) treatments to clients

Look no further for younger looking smooth skin and much much more! Treatment delivered by an experienced prescribing clinical pharmacist specialising in aesthetics. 

Treatments include:

• anti-wrinkle (frown line, forehead, crows feet)

• migraines 

• bunny lines

• gummy smile

• downturned mouth

• dimpled chin

• teeth grinding/ jawline slimming,

• hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating- underarms and hands)

Please see for more details.

Kylie will be running her first clinic on 2 June 2022 and they will then be run every Thursday from 23 June 2022 onwards

Prices are ultra competitive and appointments are sure to go quickly!

And Kylie is offering an introductory offer of 10% of all botox treatments on 2 June 2022, so those appointments will go even more quickly!

Treatments can be booked through our website as normal, at and select “Aesthetics”, or if you want more information or would like to book a free consultation or a bespoke treatment, please contact Kylie directly on or on 07837 669286 to find out more.