We are delighted to announce that we are upgrading our existing manicure and pedicure treatments with a new range of luxury products, to suit our clients and their needs.  These products have been selected following client feedback, and are designed to suit all skin types and ailments.

Why are these products better?

The products we have selected contain:

·        Collagen and vitamin C – to provide anti ageing effects

·        SPF – skin protection for summer and for protecting hands and feet before they go under our UV lamps.

·        Shea butter – a great moisturiser

·        Aloe vera – extremely refreshing and soothing.

·        Magnesium sulfate – great for reducing inflammation – perfect for clients who are on their feet all day.

We are introducing a specialised callus softening gel as part of our pedicure treatments, and for manicures we will be using a new moisturising mask to help rehydrate the skin.

We are confident that these changes will enhance the level of treatment that we offer and we look forward to seeing you all soon so that you can experience this for yourselves!!  

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